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Bad Dream Fancy Dress are releasing their new album Blonde on Goth on 28th March 2024. This website is currently being updated. Please bare with us throughout February 2024.


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Bad Dream Fancy Dress

Blonde On Goth


BLONDE ON GOTH is the third album from eighties indie legends Bad Dream Fancy Dress. Started and recorded during the covid lockdown, it soon developed into a darker and more politically edged music than anything B@D dream Fancy Dress had done before.

This double album contains 21 tracks only half of which will be released on Spotify and streaming platforms. The CD album is available here at the bargain purchase price of £20.00 + PP.

The singles will be rolled out throughout 2024 as video content is created and plans to release on Vinyl and cassette formats is also being considered for wider distribution, which is still being negotiated.

In the mean time we will be making all tracks available for download to our loyal fans and following. So enjoy, its a Magnus opus designed to be experienced to as one album concept.

Expected FREE downloads a Sex Pistols cover single to follow shortly.


1. The Kiss of the Spider Woman

2. One minute to Midnight

3. The Girl in the Barren Room

4. If your Gonna be in Shit

5. No El Coward

6. Psychopaths on White Horses

7. Calypso Dreaming

8. Strange Lands

9. Global Superstar

10. Darker Side of the Rainbow 

11. The Hour of the Slowest Clock

12. Inside the Algorythm

13. Summer Rising

14. Hiding in Plain Sight

15. The Grande Hotel of Leigh-on-sea

16. Quarantino

17. Our Girl in Havana

18. Birthday Baby

19. The Streets of Llanstephan

20. Ming the Gap

21. Epilogue and end

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A whooping 21 tracks written and designed to be listened to as a complete Album. A journey started in Covid lockdown, with perhaps the darkest worldwide backdrop since the 1960’s. The political back drop of Brexit madness and economic recession, A human backdrop with the rise of populism, social media platforms and Global warming. As one of Cats favorite artist ‘Prince’ said ‘Albums mater’ and Blonde on Goth returns to the 1980s, when that was the case, While also releasing half the album on those instant worldwide streaming platforms everyone loves today. One foot in the past and our sight set firmly on the future, ‘Blonde on Goth ‘utilizes the latest sound and design AI technology and also has brief guest appearances from Cat's favorite artists.

A tip to Bob Dylan’s very first double album ‘Blonde on Blonde’ Bad Dream Fancy Dress explore both political and personal relationship themes. It’s a sound that harks back to a time when keyboards and guitars occupied the same sound scape, a time before house music and Brit Pop. Crafted pop songs, sometimes leaning towards rock and punk, sometimes towards industrial jazz and farmhouse funk. It's a unique sound, powerful, melodic and energised. To Paraphrase Forrest Gump ‘Blonde on Goth’ is 'like a box of chocolates your never certain what flavour you’re going to get' but you always get Cat Rees powerful vocals, female attitude and her sly dark sense of humour.


Someone recently described Bad Dream Fancy Dress as what would have happened if ‘Divine Comedy’ had met the League of Gentlemen in room number nine. Bad Dream Fancy Dress create a succulent sound that takes you on a journey into madness, beauty and twisted imagination.

The Kiss of the Spider Woman 

The kiss of the Spider Woman is the new single from Bad Dream Fancy Dress double album Blonde on Goth. You can down load it now before the release date 28th March 2024.. Be the first to own this track!

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The CD's arrived today, so you can order copies in advance NOW!

Digital dowloads will follow on releases going out to Streaming platforms on 28th March 2024.

But Sides three & Four are only available via this CD.

FREE! Download. Two Blonde on Goth posters high def files. Simply follow the link and download your PNG file and take to your nearest printing outlet in what ever size you require.

Space Goddess

You can still purchase our second album SPACE GODDESS which follows the trials and tribulations of a suburban house wife launched into the outer spaces of prescribed medication. Experimenting with rock, pop, indie, classical and jazz, SPACE GODDES is a smorgasbord of mixed creativity and underground intensity. 

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Coming soon.. 'Blonde on Goth' Double Album

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