SLURRY : New Single 4th Dec 2022

New single available for download now! The toxic love affair between Man Kind and the planet they live on. One minute to midnight and there doesn't seem much hope.  


Just Desert

This time the Queen of Agit-pop ‘Cat Rees’ sharpens her claws on the international arms trade and the billions of dollars made on the back of human misery in untold conflict around the world.


Worst than that, while rightly criticizing China, India and Australia for burning fossil fuels, the UK government, who has been the second biggest arms exporter over the last ten years, refuses to publish the carbon foot print of it’s armed forces and the carbon dis-charged from the weapons it sells…Two thirds of which are sold to countries with no human rights or respect for international law.

‘Just Desert’ has a high octane beat drawing on Arabic Phrygian scales and Afghanistan percussion. With a gothic tip to Edgar Allan Poes ‘Tale of the Beating Heart’ Bad Dream Fancy Dress blend passion and power into another powerful single ‘Just Desert’.


‘The currency of Corruption’ is at the heart of the current UK government. Dodgy contracts, cronyism and the endless lies.  ‘The cruel mistress’ is the consequence for these actions, the ever-ticking clock of cause and effect. This is NOT a Christmas song but it is a tale as old as the desert itself.    

Bad Dream Fancy Dress enter the world of Gothic romance in this hard hitting Indie punk Single : The Girl in the Barren Room. Released on the 4th May 2021 and available for download now on this site. Video out Now!

The Girl in the Barren Room 


‘Here she comes with that look on her face’ opening line tells you this isn't all ribbons and tassel… there’s an edge in the verses, passion in the opening chorus and finally softened up with the sweetness and drama of the end chorus to the syrup end hook line ‘The girl in the Barren Room’…its a 4 minute journey… its dark and light… its soft and hard…. its beauty and bad…. as you will find in most of Bad Dream Fancy Dress songs over the last 5 years, it hides layers of sadness, humour, truth and fantasy left there for the listener to find his or hers place in the music.


‘The Girl in The Barren Room’ is a catchy musical story that will suck you in, food for your ears to explore, and will leave you subconsciously being nagged by that annoying ear worm… ‘Here she comes, the girl in the Barren room’.


Quarentino is a mythical B Movie town in a spaghetti desert landscape, where reality and fiction become the same thing. It’s inhabited by people who can’t distinguish the TRUTH from a LIE, people forever cursed to repeat their own mistakes in an endless pandemic fuelled by miss-information.


Tobacco spitting dames and Loathsome cowboys who inhabit out TV sets, social media and populist government. We've all been in those relationships that repeat the same pointless arguments.


With their usual sense of fun and homage to spaghetti westerns you can watch the movie here and download on our music page. 

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Inside the Algorithm


Cat, recently described on a Swedish radio station as ‘The Queen of Agit-pop’, returns with latest Bad Dream Fancy Dress single ‘Inside The Algorithm’ released on the 18th December 2020 and available on streaming platforms and in every corner of the Spider web. ‘Inside the Algorithm’ is the latest release from the forth-coming ‘Bi Iconic’ album.

It’s been a long year, a Global pandemic and now a lonely Xmas in Lock down. ‘Inside the Algorithm’ opens with the sweet call of a Siren, inviting you into the warmth and comfort of your own home…


’Come inside!’


Then a nudge and a wink ‘Lets get it on with a Amazon delivery guys?’


But it may start with buying knickers and useless crap on Amazon, chatting to Moscow Mavis and a Prince from Nigeria, but you end up losing your soul as the algorithm’s seduce you and draw you ever further into the web of conspiracy. Cat’s vocals take the story from A to Z, an emotional roller coaster, a screaming banshee inside the Algorithm… ‘Sell the Dream live the nightmare!’ Jeff’s guitar spins from funk, to punk, to metal and back to industrial house. A penny for your soul, a fraction of a cent for your Spotify Art.


‘Drop your bangers drop your links!’


Your entire life data bought and sold without your knowledge. Data information is the new black gold, the ultimate power.


‘You are the product, you are the useful idiot!’.


A cyber-spider web trap where we are all consumed and digested inside the Algorithm. Weapon grade software aimed at making populations act against their own best interest. The Algorithm takes you into the ever-decreasing circles of Internet insanity. Cat screams;

‘Q Anon and on and on’


And the music breaks down into anarchy from which there is no return.

The ‘Inside the Algorithm’ single is a political cyber-punk pop-bomb.


Single Download...

Summer Rising

Summer Rising is the Summer single From Bad Dream Fancy Dress and captures the Zeitgeist of a summer of turmoil and upheaval that has shaken the planet. From Covid 19, extreme weather and climate change, to the killing of George Floyd in the United States. Its become clear that Democracy and the rule of law is under threat from ever extreme right wing autocratic leaders who seek to spread fear and lies, in order to control and divide. The world hangs in the balance as the election looms in the United States that will dominate the world for the next ten years.


Its time to choose a side and Bad Dream Fancy Dress hold back no punches in this powerful guitar driven protest song. With clear reference to some of the Great Black Musicians and artists who have influence their music and creative output. Bad Dream Fancy Dress are back on form and firing on all six.


Summer Rising opens with the familiar drawl of Donald Trump discussing police enforcement in the United States, while a cutting lead guitar brutally screams through a Jimi Hendrix retro amplifier. In the background Ella Fitzgerald sings Summer Time, as biting Hip Hop drums, in the style of Public Enemy, collide with the sampled bass of Prince’s ‘Sign of the Times’. This is NOT Yacht Rock. This is back to the chaos and protest rock of the 1960’s


Cat’s vocal opens through a distorted vocal synthesizer ‘Daddy was in a gang called the Klu Klux Klan’, followed by Billy Holidays 1939 protest classic ‘Southern Trees bare Strange Fruit’.  The song explodes into a Jazz funk riff filled with tear gas explosions and sirens as the chorus belts out ‘Stand up! Stand up and Fly with Me!’ 


Summer Rising is the fourth single taken from the fourth coming ‘Bionic’ Album 2021. Following ‘Psychopaths on White Horses’ ‘R Kelly He’s waiting at the School Gate’ and ‘Havana’ The Bionic Album is a new sound blending 70’s Funk bass lines, with 80’s Punk Guitars and 90’s House back beats.


Bad Dream Fancy Dress are back after Covid and their Rocket Man Hero’s single with their own songs. Engaging, energetic, funky, up-lifting and with something to say. ‘Summer Rising’ is a new pop sound, for a new music age.



SPACE GODDESS is the first NEW Album in twenty-Five years from Punk Pop legends BAD DREAM FANCY DRESS. Originally signed by music impresario Mike Alway to El Records. They have now joined forces with Kevin Crace’s CAPTAIN SWING record label released through Nova distribution on 9th March 2018.

The Album is now being made FREE to Download during the Covid 19 Crisis follow the link and please make a donation if you can afford to do so.


Having recently contracted and recovered from the Covid 19 Virus Bad Dream Fancy Dress are doing their bit to help with the international Pandemic. Sitting around coughing and spluttering for six weeks gets eventually rather boring and having made some recordings on her mobile phone during the illness  Cat set about creating a new bass line to Elton John's timeless classic Rocket Man. The resulting recording Rocket Man Heroes is now being released to try and raise money for the Red Cross and Covid 19 charities.

Bad Dream Fancy Dress

Having gone though a long term arthritic illness and a number of operation to her back, spine and hips, lead singer Cat Rees started writing again and joined forces with partner Jeff  (Formerly of Some Bizarre’s Foreheads in a Fishtank) and friend musician and engineer Joe, writing new material. The end product was ten original songs that now feature as the SPACE GODDESS Album.


The album takes a journey through a number of musical styles and genres, Cat inhabiting a number of Female inspired Diva characters that outline songs about Female self-empowerment. If Space Goddess was a ‘bake off’ the ingredients would be sexual innuendo,  rye humor, a hint of politics, a dash of environment awareness, mixed together with a large dollop of Kitsch.


You can find more information on this website : Go to Space Goddess


The above links takes you to individual pages on each song. Lyrics printed in both English and Klingon for that outer space experience.

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