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Without being to self-indulgent Cat has spent the last five years going through many arthritic related operations and as the pain got worse the pain killers got stronger and stronger. To the point that she felt she did indeed have to escape to another plain of existence (Chemically induced)  while tripping through an 'in-between land' she could pretend she lived in another world. Coming back to this plain was a place not always easy to be and the chemical world always more tempting. Morpheus is about that journey and runs with the escapism themes throughout Space Goddess Album. The Joy and pit falls of proscribed medication. Morphine is a seductress who kisses away the pain while eating away at your soul, an itch you can never scratch.  Addiction to prescribed medication can be as insidious as the illegal kind, unspoken, cold and blinding. More, more she screams. Floating on by snow top pils. Luckily for us she did find her way home to write this album. But it was a long  journey that became, from time to time, rather hit or miss.



Morpheus Tripping

Morpheus Tripping


Morpheus floating on bye snow top pills

Itching and scratching the night away

Swallow and follow me down


Morpheus Morpheus


Morpheus takes me dreaming

Dream my life, how it should of been

I dream away the hours I take an extra pill

Take away the pain I drift away until


Bendi Benzol Diaze’phin (Diazepam), Gaboling Gabapentin

Tram Tramadol  Tram Tramadol

Cozy Codeine, beautiful Bu Trans

Sticky sticky stick it on

Oxy not normal

Tram Tramadol

Amol (Ami) trip triptyline

Trip trip tripping

Tripping bring me home

Tram Tramadol Tram Tramadol


Morpheus takes me dreaming

Dream my life how it should of been

Crunching bones I know Morpheus sweet Morpheus

Lost in this world I can’t return

One more pill

The freeze of the blood


Throbbing pain


(More) Morpheus


Can I have my ice cream now?


morpheus pupqu'jaj

morpheus pupqu'jaj

yor pills peD morpheus 'ej Dunbogh jom bye

itching 'ej Ha' ram scratching

ghup 'ej HItlha' tInwI'

morpheus morpheus

naj yebDu'wIj morpheus

yInwIj neH, naj chay' ghotvam

naj jIH Ha' rep pill DuywI' vItlhap

'oy' vIHaj Ha' until nge'

bendi Benzol diaze'phin (Diazepam), gaboling gabapentin

tramadol Tram tramadol tram

Codeine, trans Bu 'IH cozy

'oH DuDwI' Hum Hum

oxy wej motlh

tram tramadol

(ami) amol leng triptyline

leng leng pupqu'jaj

jawmoHmo' pupqu'jaj juH Dachegh

tramadol Tram tramadol tram

naj yebDu'wIj morpheus

chay' ghotvam yInwIj naj

crunching Hom morpheus quv morpheus vISov.

luj NIM ghajMogh pagh jIchegh

wa' pill latlh

taD 'Iw


throb 'oy'


(vI'Iprup) morpheus

laH chuch cream vIghaj DaH?

Coming soon.. 'Blonde on Goth' Double Album

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