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A Great day out, meeting with Xoco Lata, who was on a flying UK visit to BDFD Mansion from Tokyo. We wondered through the lanes of Cardiff to fall upon a cheese affair at Madame Fromage , with its many cheesy platters and fancy strawberry lemonade (warning only venture the chutney if you have taste buds made of Teflon). The waiter however was very easy on the eyes and taste buds with his cheesy charm.
Also we showed Xoco The legendary oldest record shop in the world, Spillers 1894 (Not certain what records would be available then other than Cliff Richard). Then on to Kelly’s vinyl in the market . For you music lovers out there the vinyl wonder of the Welsh capital is a labyrinth of joy well worth a visit. Then a flying visit to the Fishtank Studio before making the train return to London just in time!

Plastic NOT so Fantastic


Volvo race comes to Cardiff with Sky Ocean Rescue ... lets go for a day out, says T Boy ... mmmmmv never considered myself before involved in a day out involving the word Volvo... I always associate that ‘word’ with Geography teachers from the home counties with corduroy elbow pads and a wife in possession of a darned fine Tupperware collection and retro knitting machine.. But these days Volvo is far more sexy and eco friendly.

We have been aware and interested in the subject of plastic pollution since it flagged up on Sky News a while ago ( not all Sky News is about the bloody royal wedding thankfully).

The Plastic whale is strangely pretty, like something Damien Hurst would do on a fluffy good mood day ... no embalming fluid in sight.

The Mirror room was meant to give us the before and after affect ... not a good place to take picks if you have no underwear on .... but fortunately I did .... anyway ... first you feel all relaxed like your in a lovely fishy spa experience then bang it goes pitch black... I think that was the after affect ...either that or I pressed the wrong button and broke the bloody thing.. The prospect of a sea with no light or life is a horrendous tragedy.

Note to self ... I do not need more plastic bags, I have a sea of them under my stairs along with cork bags … bloody use them woman. Straws ... I’m not a child ... I don’t need them either..

I’m aware though and sadden that a lot of the changes involved in our house hold BDFD mansions is going to cost more and that’s the sad thing, Principles cost money and in order for everyone to be able to help make these changes the supermarkets need to get their figures out and stop thinking ...ha ha the middle class, if we wrap something in posh eco friendly wrapping and they will pay more money, nice little earner .....No don’t penalize people who want to make a difference to the planet, super markets make it easier, make it affordable and doable for all ...plastic awareness should not be class related! Anyway enough lecturing or I’ll turn into a bran eating hipster.

Back to the volvo race ...I’ve never had good sea legs ... me and the bay of Bisque have an unpleasant history ... I was looking around hoping to find some sailor guys in Lycra hot pants...and eventually found a load of them playing with their ropes and oiling their bits.... and after seeing a model of their living accommodation I’m in Oar ... get it? Yep OK moving on ... this is the toughest race in The World and they burn off more calories in a day than i would hope to burn in a month, no take away out there in the deep blue ... and they must have stomachs of steel and very loose stools considering the size of the small hole in the very small communal toilet. Accommodation so basic, Travel lodge and Ryan air look like luxury accommodation.

Watch out for our new 'Breathe' video when it becomes available ... it is on our new album ‘Space Goddess’ and can be downloaded on various sights. Or purchase here at our shop. Now get behind Sky Ocean rescue before all the whales and fish have gone… And in the immortal words of ASDA ‘Every little helps’ especially when it comes to supermarket packaging. We don't want our cucumbers (Not even for ready money- Oscar Wilde) rapped in cling film anymore! And thanks to Volvo for a great day out, we will certainly be making the next Album ‘Bionic’ Plastic free and eco friendly! goes live today 7th March 2018

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