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A Great day out, meeting with Xoco Lata, who was on a flying UK visit to BDFD Mansion from Tokyo. We wondered through the lanes of Cardiff to fall upon a cheese affair at Madame Fromage , with its many cheesy platters and fancy strawberry lemonade (warning only venture the chutney if you have taste buds made of Teflon). The waiter however was very easy on the eyes and taste buds with his cheesy charm.
Also we showed Xoco The legendary oldest record shop in the world, Spillers 1894 (Not certain what records would be available then other than Cliff Richard). Then on to Kelly’s vinyl in the market . For you music lovers out there the vinyl wonder of the Welsh capital is a labyrinth of joy well worth a visit. Then a flying visit to the Fishtank Studio before making the train return to London just in time!

Choirboys Gas Goes to Florence Blog.

When years and years ago we started blasting our lungs out with the joys of boys in Florence, we had never actually visited the place. It was a naughty cinematic ‘girly’ 'unholy' cassock capper, created by the wonderful world of el Records.


However a couple of weeks ago a chance came to visit the jewel itself for the first time. Florence with all her terracotta towers.

A dear friend, first encountered through the Bad Dream Fancy Dress community, Steve Williams, was on a long summer working stay there from the USA .......’Let’s meet up?’ …. ‘ And why not indeed!’.

So an easy sleazy flight to Pisa, followed by a train ride to Florence and hack that cassock, we were there! The taxi dodging its way through cobbled lanes avoiding pedestrians via passing marble buttocks, marching tourists, following their flag holding captains. Not a ghetto blaster in sight, thankfully.

Our Hotel establishment a ‘good deal’ had on line: The Masion de Sage ,

A bourgeois decadent deco inspired establishment. Corridors of art and interesting Maple furnishings, leading to our stunning room, with an amazing view. I dangled out of the window hoping for passing boys to whistle, pretending I was young again, but here I was over 30 years after recording the original song.

The time soon passed seeing the sights with our amazing guide Steve, who talked us through the art and statues, while navigating the streets to the best restaurants museums and bars. Michael Angelo’s David being the ultimate destination, Standing there in all his glory, and my he was a big boy, seventeen feet tall to be precise, towering above us with his hand dangling like a feisty ASBO on a street corner. His extra large feet waiting for a pair of trainers to adorn his renaissance swagger. The ultimate culmination of Neo Classicism and modern Art.

Black and White images of DAVID will soon be available FREE! in High Def at should you wish to print them out for your wall or Presents.

The whole of Florence was full of miniature plastic Davids. Glow in the dark, cooking aprons (adorned with his privates), bags, T Shirts, and I’m sure in some spicy dark corner a sex shop with assorted David accessories.....(didn’t find one, but I’m convinced they were there)

Then the Domo , majestically sits in the square , surrounded by bars, suspect street painters and more marching tourists. Eventually in the heat we found what had become a daily necessity ‘The spritz’. Preseco with fizzy water and some other liquor (Aperol) never saw a shadow on the menu. And for the record I’m not over fond of opera but pasta yes, oh mama bring it to me, no better place to eat than Florence.

The mass of ice cream shops bulging their goods until it practically pored onto the streets, I sampled a few, for quality control and to pass you recommendations of course. But I’m still undecided so I might have to go back and try again. The River Arno silted and slow, slithers under the bridges. The Pontueveca (Bridge of the Medici), bustling with crowds pushing each other like ants, was on occasion like a scene from a disaster film. I was expecting Kirk Douglas to appeared dressed as a fireman at any moment.

Then there was the Devinci experience, with its wonderful mechanical gadgets (and no I am not talking the kind that would appear in a back street red light shop..however the Devinci bedroom collection has a certain ring to it) . The experience we had however was of magical three D light laser show and a miniatures of some of his wild fantastical brilliant inventions.

After days of sun, fun, wonder and dodging the miniature little trucks and cars buzzing around like flies through the streets of feisty seductive and fabulous Florence, I can safely say she really is a jewel, and you should really visit her you fools! as Choirboys Gas instructs!

It was time to go, via Pisa and her tower and selfie taking shape making audience to the airport and home. If you have not yet been to Florence, it is truly a delight that does not disappoint.

Bad Dream Fancy Dress are slowly and lovingly Re-mastering the Choirboys Gas Album. The first of which 'Choirboys Gas' is now available for download : goes live today 7th March 2018

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