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A Great day out, meeting with Xoco Lata, who was on a flying UK visit to BDFD Mansion from Tokyo. We wondered through the lanes of Cardiff to fall upon a cheese affair at Madame Fromage , with its many cheesy platters and fancy strawberry lemonade (warning only venture the chutney if you have taste buds made of Teflon). The waiter however was very easy on the eyes and taste buds with his cheesy charm.
Also we showed Xoco The legendary oldest record shop in the world, Spillers 1894 (Not certain what records would be available then other than Cliff Richard). Then on to Kelly’s vinyl in the market . For you music lovers out there the vinyl wonder of the Welsh capital is a labyrinth of joy well worth a visit. Then a flying visit to the Fishtank Studio before making the train return to London just in time!

Rocket Man Heroes

Well its finally here! The Rocket Man Heroes single is released via CD Baby 10th July. A download costs only 99p and any revenues will go to the British Red Cross. Or stream via various platforms including Spotify and money will go to CV19 charities listed on our website. You can also download our Space Goddess Album FREE! during the CV 19 crisis. Please follow us on our facebook page or check our website for the fourth coming 'Bionic' Album.

Thank you for supporting Bad Dream Fancy Dress and please if you enjoy our video share and clip the 'LIKE' button.

コメント goes live today 7th March 2018

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Coming soon.. 'Blonde on Goth' Double Album

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