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Bad Dream Fancy Dress were originally formed in the 80’s on the prestigious El record Label created by Mike Alway. With a hit single Curry Crazy and acclaimed Album Choir Boys Gas. The band finally dissolved with both Cally and Cat moving on in their own individual directions.


With the creation of their Facebook site in the naughties Bad Dream Fancy Dress soon became home to all music things El, 80’s and Music Retro. Cat Rees was asked  to help admin the site and bought her own brand off humour and self deprecated fun. A series of Christmas covers became an annual music video happening and talk soon started about the possibility of a new Album.


With her health in decline, due to a genetic arthritic condition, Cat decided to start work on the project with partner and engineer Jeff Forehead and best friend and musician Joe, following the 2013-14 floods. There were a number of ideas jammed and imagined in the original anarchist style of the original Choir Boys Gas Album. But When Cat was informed both her hips would also have to be replaced the rush was on to finalize ten tracks that now feature as the Space Goddess Album.


With the operation successfully completed and cat learning to walk again from scratch, there are plans to finish the remaining songs in a further ‘Bionic’ Album, and who knows perhaps a live tour in 2019/20.


While always paying homage to the 80’s and sounds from the past Bad Dream Fancy Dress are always forward thinking and looking for new creative and original ideas to inspire both the old and new generation audience. Punk Pop with attitude can take the band in almost any genre or direction. Some times Bad Dream, some times Fancy Dress, but always with fun , energy and a sense of purpose.



Coming soon.. 'Blonde on Goth' Double Album

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