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A Great day out, meeting with Xoco Lata, who was on a flying UK visit to BDFD Mansion from Tokyo. We wondered through the lanes of Cardiff to fall upon a cheese affair at Madame Fromage , with its many cheesy platters and fancy strawberry lemonade (warning only venture the chutney if you have taste buds made of Teflon). The waiter however was very easy on the eyes and taste buds with his cheesy charm.
Also we showed Xoco The legendary oldest record shop in the world, Spillers 1894 (Not certain what records would be available then other than Cliff Richard). Then on to Kelly’s vinyl in the market . For you music lovers out there the vinyl wonder of the Welsh capital is a labyrinth of joy well worth a visit. Then a flying visit to the Fishtank Studio before making the train return to London just in time!

Summer Rising

OK, with the Summer over and finally through the worst of Covid 19 symptoms its back to work on the 'Bionic' Album. First up is 'Summer Rising' and for obvious reasons and the approaching USA elections, we thought we'd get this track out Now. We're NOT pulling any punches that we Believe Donald Trump is bad for the World and this affects everyone on the planet on so many levels and issues. We encourage all our fans to share this video and get behind the Democrats during this election 3rd November 2020. The choice is simple do we wish to preserve Global Democracy or let ever more Autocratic right wing politicians spread fear and division. Summer Rising is also important to Bad Dream Fancy Dress as we pay tribute to so many Black artists and musicians who have influence our Music and Recordings over the years.

You can download the single from our store NOW! or from CD Baby distribution from the 18th September. You can add the track Free to your Spotify playlists. Or checkout some of Cat's play lists on Spotify. Hopefully we'll soon be announcing live DJ sets on a Friday evening where you will be able to join us LIVE via facebook.

Cat Ree's Press Release

Summer Rising release date 18th September 2020

Summer Rising is the new single From Bad Dream Fancy Dress and captures the Zeitgeist of a summer of turmoil and upheaval that has shaken the planet. From Covid 19, extreme weather and climate change, to the killing of George Floyd in the United States. Its become clear that Democracy and the rule of law is under threat from ever extreme right wing autocratic leaders who seek to spread fear and lies, in order to control and divide. The world hangs in the balance as the election looms in the United States that will dominate the world for the next ten years.

Its time to choose a side and Bad Dream Fancy Dress hold back no punches in this powerful guitar driven protest song. With clear reference to some of the Great Black Musicians and artists who have influence their music and creative output. Bad Dream Fancy Dress are back on form and firing on all six.

Summer Rising opens with the familiar drawl of Donald Trump discussing police enforcement in the United States, while a cutting lead guitar brutally screams through a Jimi Hendrix retro amplifier. In the background Ella Fitzgerald sings Summer Time, as biting Hip Hop drums, in the style of Public Enemy, collide with the sampled bass of Prince’s ‘Sign of the Times’. This is NOT Yacht Rock. This is back to the chaos and protest rock of the 1960’s

Cat’s vocal opens through a distorted vocal synthesizer ‘Daddy was in a gang called the Klu Klux Klan’, followed by Billy Holidays 1939 protest classic ‘Southern Trees bare Strange Fruit’. The song explodes into a Jazz funk riff filled with tear gas explosions and sirens as the chorus belts out ‘Stand up! Stand up and Fly with Me!’

Summer Rising is the fourth single taken from the fourth coming ‘Bionic’ Album 2021. Following ‘Psychopaths on White Horses’ ‘R Kelly He’s waiting at the School Gate’ and ‘Havana’ The Bionic Album is a new sound blending 70’s Funk bass lines, with 80’s Punk Guitars and 90’s House back beats.

Bad Dream Fancy Dress are back after Covid and their Rocket Man Hero’s single with their own songs. Engaging, energetic, funky, up-lifting and with something to say. ‘Summer Rising’ is a new pop sound, for a new music age. goes live today 7th March 2018

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